What Causes Stinky Drains and Smelly Water? Customized Solutions To Meet Your Needs

What Causes Stinky Drains and Smelly Water?

Smelly water and stinky drains causing disruption in your home? While this experience isn’t pleasant, it is almost always temporary, because some quick diagnostics and easy-to-follow solutions can help your home smell great again.

Why are your drains stinky and your water smelly? There could be a number of causes. Read on:

Graphic of a clogged drainVentilation Problems to Blame 

Your pipes can get clogged over time simply as material builds up. Other reasons for clogged drains include animals building nests or even intrusion from tree roots.

Whatever the reason that your pipes get clogged, air isn’t allowed to flow freely and bacteria grows, causing a foul odor.

What’s more is that sewer gases are blocked and end up back in your home, which is another reason for the bad smell.

Water Heater Woes

Pour water into a glass and walk away from the tap. Does the water still smell in the glass? If yes, your water heater may be to blame. The warm, moist environment of your water heater is the perfect place for bacteria to grow, which will create a bad smell.

The anode rod, which is present in the water heater to keep it from rusting, reacts with the bacteria, creating the awful scent. This happens most often if the water heater has been shut off for an extended period or if you’ve got it set at too low a temperature.

Typically this odor has a “rotten egg” smell.

Consider the P-Trap

The P-trap is easy to identify. It’s the curved part under attached to the pipe under the sink. P-trap under a sink

Its job is to provide a water barrier to prevent smelly gases moving from the sewer into your home.

If the P-trap has dried out, then the water barrier isn’t present. It can be as easy to fix as running the water.

It’s also possible that the water has leaked out if the seal is broken, which can be fixed easily too.

Sewer Line Problems

Walk around to all of your drains and fixtures. Is the odor present in numerous areas in your home? It’s not a clogged fixture or pipe. The problem probably the sewer line, which is potentially damaged.

It’s not carrying wastewater properly, and sewage isn’t draining away from your home. This odor is decidedly musky. Other signs that it might be a sewer problem include low water pressure and a mysteriously rising water bill.