How To Extend The Life Of Your Piping System


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We have all, at some point in time in our lives, experienced plumbing issues. Clogged drains, improperly working toilets, or even piping line breaks can cause great damage to the structure and the plumbing system, and cost quite a bit to fix. The best way to save money and preserve and extend the life of the plumbing system is through proper maintenance and care.

Clogs are the Culprit

Clogs are more than just an inconvenience. When the piping in a plumbing system clogs it can cause further damage that cannot be initially seen.

Stress on the pipes as well as the debris that has clogged the pipes can cause damage that can lead to bigger issues in the future.

The best way to prevent clogs and maintain the integrity of the plumbing system is to be well informed of what can and cannot go down the various drains in the structure. Grease is something that cannot be washed down the drain. Dispose of this somewhere other than in sinks and toilets. Be sure that what goes down the drain is water and maybe toilet paper in the bathroom, but almost nothing else.

Do Not Use Chemicals

If clogs still do occur, do not use harsh over-the-counter chemicals. These can compromise the strength and life of the pipes. Consider going and getting a snake to remove those small clogs that do arise. This is a better way to rid the debris from pipes without causing them harm.

Extending the Life of Your Pipe Structure

Another way to extend the life of the piping in a structure is to always be on the lookout for leaks or breaks. If water is starting to accumulate where it should not be, then there is probably an issue that needs to be addressed. Dealing with a minor leak or drip is far less expensive than having to replace the pipes. Sketch of different pipe shapes

Also, be sure to know where the main shut-off valves for the water are. If getting them to shut off will require tools or light, be sure to have them on hand near where the valve is.

If a line break is experienced then getting the water off will be the number one concern in saving the rest of the piping as well as the home.

Sometimes we need to call a plumber. This is nothing to be ashamed of. We cannot all know every aspect of the piping in our homes. Minor repairs are just fine for the layman, but more complicated issues need the know-how and experience of a qualified plumber.

Want to extend the life of your home piping system? Call All City Plumbing at (909) 552-7550 to find out ways to extend the life of your pipes.

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