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Anaheim Water Quality Services

Home Water Treatment Systems in Orange County

Is your tap water of questionable quality? Does it appear cloudy or discolored? Does it have a faint odor? Don’t worry. It’s likely perfectly safe to drink. However, if you want better tasting water and water that doesn’t leave hard calcium deposits on your dishware and plumbing fixtures, consider getting a water treatment system from All City Plumbing in Anaheim

We Provide Expert Water-Quality Services in Anaheim, Including:

  • Flow-Tech in-line water system installation
  • Filtration systems
  • Softening systems

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What Is Considered Hard Water?

For water to be considered “hard,” it must contain a high amount of dissolved minerals – namely calcium and magnesium. 

Water Hardness Falls Under Three Categories:

  • Soft: 0 to 60 milligrams per liter (mg/L)
  • Moderately hard: 61 to 120 mg/L
  • Very hard: more than 180 mg/L

Anaheim’s water is moderately hard, averaging 127 mg/L, based on the USGS Measures of Water Hardness

Enjoy Better Quality Water Today! Contact the Water Quality Experts in Anaheim to Learn More About Our Filtration and Softening Services

They came out on the Friday before a holiday weekend. They even came back the following day to finish up the job. They did not gouge their prices either for the holiday (sort of) service. Nick and Will were professional, polite and explained everything clearly. They even offered other services but did not "hard sell" us. They did an amazing job and I will be calling on them again. I also will recommend them to anyone needing plumbing service.

Amanda O.

Is Hard Water Bad for You?

Hard water isn’t unhealthy, but it can be a real problem. 

What Does Hard Water Do?

  • Calcium buildup on your plumbing fixtures can restrict flow and increase pressure, causing water heater damage, and leaks or, in extreme cases, burst pipes
  • It’s not easy on your body, either. Hard water can leave your skin feeling itchy and dry. People with eczema are especially at risk. 
  • Plus, it’s difficult to scrub up with a thick, sudsy lather. Hard water doesn’t exactly get along with soap and can leave scum on your shower walls. 

What Does a Water Softener Do?

A water softening system can add much needed sodium to your water supply for water that works better in the shower and doesn’t leave behind unsightly deposits. Likewise, a filtration system will help remove toxins via carbon, reverse osmosis, or UV technology. 

Our Anaheim Water Quality Experts Can Analyze Your Water Supply and Determine the Best Solution - Contact Us Today

Why Customers Choose All City Plumbing

With All City Plumbing, our customers are our number one focus. We want to
Customer service is at the heart of everything we do at All City Plumbing. Our Anaheim sewer camera inspection specialists provide fast and affordable services the residents of Orange County have come to value and appreciate. Our Anaheim sewer camera inspection team and the other plumbers within our company are among the most respected and experienced professionals you will find in the business. We love to help customers solve problems, and our dedication can be seen in the quality of the services we provide. If you think you may have a clogged drain or sewer line, don’t wait to find out the hard way! Contact our licensed and experienced experts today to schedule an inspection. Sewer line damage and hidden clogs can back up your system and ruin your home. Don’t let a minor plumbing problem become a serious home repair. The Anaheim sewer camera specialists at All City Plumbing can locate the cause of your sewer problems today! Call our trained at (909) 552-7550. Help is only a call away!

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