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5 Reasons Why It Seems Like You're Always Waiting for Hot Water

When you turn on the hot water in your home, you just expect it to work, so when it doesn’t, it can be especially frustrating. It can also be confusing. Some bathrooms and fixtures can provide perfect water pressure and temperature, while others seem to never warm up. There are several reasons that your hot water could be stalling or taking too long to deliver, but we’ve compiled a list of the most common reasons for delayed hot water delivery.

5 Reasons Your Hot Water Takes So Long

Mineral Deposits: If you have hard water or your tap water carries a high mineral load, it means your water heater could have a layer of mineral buildup from sediment deposits on the floor of your tank. The more sediment built up in the tank, the harder it will be for your water heater to increase the temperature of the water being stored. Your tank will need to be flushed, and your water will need to be softened to prevent reoccurrence.

Large Pipes: If you have a large home with larger than average pipes, you’ve probably noticed that your water doesn’t seem to warm up as fast as you’re used to in other places. It can seem like you’ve been waiting for an eternity when you’re ready to wash your hands or run a bath. There will always be cold water in your line at first because any water remaining in your line at rest must be used before hot water can be delivered through the faucet. If you have large pipes, then it can seem like your water is taking a long time to warm up when you just have a large supply of remnant water in the line. Plus, waiting for water to warm up can also mean wasting gallons of cold water in the process, which means higher utility costs and environmental concerns.

Pipe Materials: The delivery system or transporting water throughout your home can tremendously impact your hot water output. If your pipes are made of dense materials that are thermally conductive, they will pull heat from the water before it’s delivered to its location. Smaller pipes made of non-conductive materials will help your water get to your faucet while it’s still hot.

Lack of Insulation: When your pipes are insulated, the temperature of your water is preserved. When it’s not, the effect can be pronounced. This is more often seen during the winter months when pipes freeze due to a lack of insulation. Properly insulated pipes can ensure you get hot water faster and prevent a burst pipe. Installing foam pipe encasing is a simple way to protect your pipes with minimal cost or labor. This foam insulation is often sold in an easy DIY kit and can be found in various diameters to fit almost any pipe size.

Reduced Flow Fixtures: Environmentally conscious fixtures are installed in some homes to reduce water usage and as a cost-saving mechanism. These fixtures reduce the amount of water used, but they can also impact how long it takes for hot water to be delivered upon demand. Reduced flow fixtures still have the same rules as any other pipe, so any rested water must be emptied before hot water can be delivered. Because of the design of these fixtures, it will take longer for cold water to be emptied from pipes before hot water can be delivered. If low flow fixtures are to blame for lagging hot water delivery, replacing these showerheads or fixtures is the best solution. Customers can count on All City Plumbing to provide professional advice and quality products and services. Call us today at (909) 552-7550 to schedule an appointment.

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